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Welcome To America's Healthcare Advocate. An Independent, Expert View Of Our National Healthcare Situation, And The Implications For America.
Cary and Steve Kuker Discuss Long Term Care This Sunday on Senior Care Live Less than ten percent of the people in this country have long term care, but seventy percent will need nursing home care, assisted living or in-home care in their lifetime. Tune in Sunday at 2:00 p.m. on KCMO 710 AM / 103.7 FM when Cary will be a guest on Steve Kuker’s Senior Care Live discussing the importance of long term care insurance.




Make Certain You Have the New National Healthcare Laws Working For You, Not Against You!

Read Cary's Important Article In Ingram's Magazine!

Guidelines For Setting A Health Insurance Strategy:

Ten important things business owners need to know as we head toward implementation of Obamacare


Confused About The Specifics Of Obamacare And How To Implement It? You're not alone! There are currently over 9,000 pages of regulations and they are not finished writing them.

In His Typical Fashion, Cary Gets Right To The Bottom Line And Delivers The Information You Need Most. This is vital information for business owners, managers or anyone involved with their company's benefits programs. Implement Obamacare outside the rules in a number of different possible ways and you could quickly discover multiple Federal agencies at your door.

Get the facts now and be prepared. In most situations the faster you design and implement a sound strategy for this transition, the better off you will be.

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

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Cary Hall Delivers Appointment Radio. Many listeners will plan their day around Cary's timeslot to make certain they don't miss it" Ron Rowe, Blue Cross, Blue Shield