If you are turning 65 or you are 65 + and retiring from your place of employment and losing your group coverage, you have 90 days prior to the qualifying event (e.g. your birthday or the date of losing your coverage) and 90 days after the qualifying event to sign up for either a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan as guaranteed issue policies.                        Continue Reading
ad·vo·cate noun /ˈadvəkit/ A person who pleads on someone else's behalf. A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.
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When Should I Sign Up For Medicare?
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration plans on Wednesday to propose expanding Medicare to cover programs to prevent diabetes among millions of people at high risk of developing the disease, marking the sixth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act with the prospect of a new benefit                                      Continue Reading
Medicare Proposal Takes Aim at Diabetes
OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS - April 14, 2016 -  America's Healthcare Advocate is proud to announce our newest affiliate WFFG 1300 AM broadcasting throughout the Florida Keys.  The addition of Keys Talk Radio 1300 allows us to cover the whole state of Florida and expands our affiliates to 132 coast to coast.  We want to thank Anne O'Bannon at Keys Talk Radio and Rose Broberg with our syndicator Radio America for this opportunity to reach a new, important audience in the Florida Keys.
Good News From The Florida Keys
HCA Midwest Health Announces Partnership With Sarah Cannon Research Institute On America’s Healthcare Advocate Show.  Guests Are Dr. Stephanie Graff And Johnathon Meyer.  Broadcast To Air May 7 Nationally.            
HCA Midwest Health Announces Partnership
Airing Nationally.  Join us Saturday as our special guest Rich Haldeman, President and CEO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, talks about some of the newest trends and options available to employers, human resource directors, municipalities, etc. in controlling large claim costs for cancer treatment.  This is a rare opportunity to gain insight into these issues from an industry expert, Rich Haldeman.
Airing Locally.  Join me Saturday as Dan Stalp, President, Sandler Training, will be my guest on the show. We will explore how you can improve your marketing and sales process for your company or for you personally as a sales professional.