On November 8, we go to the polls to vote for a new president.  Will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?  And what will happen to ObamaCare when either Hillary or Donald is elected President of the United States?  Let’s look at the Democrat platform first and see what the party is proposing as well as what its members have said in public about the changes they would make to the existing ACA/ObamaCare plans.

In a 92-62 party platform vote, the single payer system was voted down prior to the Democratic Convention.  However, make no mistake; the long term goal of the Democrat party is implementation of the single payer system and the elimination of private health insurance.  As a compromise, the platform committee decided on the public option to be put in place within the first one hundred days of the Clinton administration.  That means the federal government will start providing health insurance directly to consumers in competition with private companies.  A version of this was tried with twenty-four co-ops that were funded by the federal government that allowed states to offer health insurance directly to consumers.  Of the twenty-four that were started, there are nine left.  Six of those are on life support.  The others have gone belly-up.

Democrats see universal healthcare as a human right. And to quote President Obama, “We have to accept incremental changes where we can, and every once in a while you’ll get a breakthrough and make the kind of big changes that are necessary.”

What will a single payer or government system look like?  Take a look at the current VA healthcare system, and you’ll have a clear picture of what to expect in a government run healthcare program.  For example, nineteen million dollars was spent on art objects for various hospitals while veterans wait six months to get a doctor’s appointment and some even die for lack of medical attention and surgical procedures.  I’m a card carrying VA member, and I speak from experience about the broken VA system.  The Democrats’ soundbite solution is Medicare for all.  However, Medicare as we currently know it is subsidized to providers by private health insurance and continues to lose massive amounts of money to fraud and waste with the latest report by the Medicare trustees showing six hundred billion dollars in fraud and waste for year 2015.

The government will control the cost of its healthcare program through access, meaning you’ll get treatment the government deems necessary when the government decides you can have it—just like the VA.

If the American public is ready to accept this system, then a government-run healthcare program is what you can expect from a Clinton administration.

Next up….what will the Republicans do if Donald Trump is elected?

Cary Hall

America’s Healthcare Advocate