After promising the country for seven years that they would fix the Affordable Act, the Republicans failed to do just that.  The effort to repeal and replace Obamacare was undone by a intransigent and petulant minority made up of Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and the maverick, John McCain.  These three senators have ensured that failing Obamacare system will remain in place for at least another year.

Health insurance carriers will continue to exit the marketplace and premiums will continue to rise at a dramatic pace.  This is due to the imbalance of those enrolled with over eleven millennials sitting on the sidelines and not signing up for health insurance, but paying the penalty instead.  This leaves us with a pool of older and sicker policyholders whose claims dollars are far outpacing premiums collected.

For example, the first carrier to put forth an exchange certified plan was BlueCross BlueShield of Kansas City, who after losing over one hundred million dollars in the last four years, made a decision to pull out of the marketplace.  This is happening all over the country, and I predict that it will continue.

The real problem on the premium side is the lack of affordability for people who do not receive a subsidy.  We have clients that are now paying between $1,100.00 to $1,400.00 a month for a husband and wife policy.  This is simply unsustainable. To make matters worse, many of these policies are narrow network with few providers and even fewer hospitals that will accept them.

Republicans in their selfish political and personal interests squandered a once in a generation chance to show that their principles can make life better for Americans.  Unfortunately, the people who are really being hurt are the middle class and self-employed people who are paying huge premiums for substandard health insurance.

Our senators don’t have to worry about the cost of health insurance.  After all, we pay for theirs.