Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, the carrier that has provided individual health insurance in Kansas and Missouri for the last 75 years announced last week that they are withdrawing from the ACA/Obamacare marketplace.  This means that 67,000 people will lose coverage by December 31, 2017.

BlueKC was the first carrier approved and in the marketplace under the Affordable Health Care Act, but after losing over $100 million dollars on its Obamacare book of business, they have had enough.

Why did this happen?  Obamacare was not well planned and was structurally impossible to sustain.  The 24 million people that CBO projected to enroll never materialized.  Instead, we have 11.2 million people enrolled with approximately 15 million millennials who were supposed to balance the books by paying premiums with few claims,  chose to take the penalties instead of signing up for Obamacare.

While there is blame on both sides of the isle for democrats and republicans, this is not a patrician issue; it is a tragedy that will affect approximately 65 million people nationally as the dominos continue to fall with Aetna, United Healthcare and Humana announcing that they have withdrawn from the market, leaving only Anthem, BlueCross and a handful of other Blue plans yet to make a decision.

Action needs to be taken immediately in Washington whether you’re a democrat or republican, a progressive, a libertarian or a conservative, Washington needs to hear from you, demanding that they fix this problem NOW.