Elizabeth and Shawn

I had the honor and the privilege on Saturday, September 27th, of walking my daughter Elizabeth down the aisle to an outstanding young man, Shawn Peterson.  The wedding was held in Pasco, Washington (Shawn’s home), and it was a wonderful event.

Shawn and Elizabeth live in Los Angeles but have friends all over the country.  There were guests in attendance from New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Miami, Kansas City and many other locales across the country.  Besides being a very proud father, I was very happy for this newly-wed young couple.

My most memorable take away from this four day event was the opportunity to interact with this large group of young people commonly labeled the Millennial Generation.  They were a very diverse group including active duty military, Wall Street stock brokers, medical professionals, a restaurant chef, farmers, mechanics and not-for-profit employees.  While their political views were wide ranging, they were generally reflective of our overall population.  And what I found most encouraging was the common sense and clear direction in life they shared during our conversations.

There’s a lot of cynicism in this country about where we’re headed, but I can assure you, after my weekend surrounded by these wonderful young people, we are not going to hell in a handbasket like so many claim.  In many ways I think these people are better equipped to move forward in their lives than my generation was at their age, and I’m convinced that, as they assume the mantle of leadership in this country, we can look forward to a bright future for all of us.

Cary Hall

America’s Healthcare Advocate