In a recent article in Forbes magazine, one of the panelists in the discussion suggested that the solution to the disastrous roll-out and implementation of ObamaCare would be to bring in the single-payer option; in other words, a government-run health care system.

Guess what?  We already have one.  It’s called the VA Health System, and I’m a card-carrying member.  Recent revelations show just how competent and efficient this government-run health care system is.

The senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, noted that while there are problems with the system, veterans are satisfied with their excellent health care from the VA.  Tell that to the approximately 60 veterans who are thought to have died as a result of lack of treatment from the VA and to the 121,000 veterans waiting over 90 days (64,000 of these 121,000 vets appear to have fallen through the cracks after requesting appointments) to get an appointment to see a primary care provider—all of which demonstrates how inefficient and poorly run the VA system is.

But here’s the good news:  VA bureaucrats, protected by their government union jobs, were receiving bonuses while veterans weren’t receiving care and being delayed for surgical procedures up to two years.

So with 57.3 billion dollars in the VA budget (which is a 106 percent increase while patients have only increased 30 percent), the VA will now spend an additional 236 million dollars for 27 new medical facilities and throw 500 million dollars at hiring new doctors and nurses.

As The Wall Street Journal so aptly put it, in the world of government, when you fail, you get more money.  Then everyone expresses outrage and surprise when we get more failure.

So by all means, let’s bring on the single-payer system and let everybody enjoy the experience that veterans have enjoyed with the VA system.

Cary Hall

America’s Healthcare Advocate